We are convinced that early detection of diseases is the prerequisite for better treatment options and thus optimal chances of recovery.

That is why we are driven by the vision of making chronic health imbalances diagnosable even before the disease can manifest itself. This is the prerequisite for turning the early detection of life-changing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s or diabetes into true prevention.

Our aim is to make our diagnostics as simple, cost-effective, and burden-free as possible so that as many people as possible can benefit from them.


Innovative & Unique

EDIM® Technology

When our organism slips and runs in the direction of disease, our immune system is often the first to recognize this. Many times, before our body reports this in form of symptoms. As experts in medical technologies, our profound understanding of immunological processes helps us to use these processes for the detection of pathological activity. The platform technology we have developed, EDIM® (Epitope Detection in Monocytes), uses mechanisms of the immune system to detect such aberrations. The EDIM Technology screens macrophages for antigens that have previously been taken up into the cell interior by these immune cells through phagocytosis – this is why we also refer to EDIM® as a immunological biopsy.

A unique, new technology in the early detection of serious diseases.

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Breakthrough in Early Cancer Detection


Half a million people are diagnosed with cancer in Germany every year. For more than half of all annual new cancer cases, no regular early detection examinations are yet available. With the PanTum Detect® blood test, we have developed an early cancer detection test that has the potential to close this screening gap.

PanTum Detect® can provide indications for potential tumors of almost all types of cancer – even in early, asymptomatic stages, when treatment options are manifold and chances of cure are high.

PanTum Detect® can therefore be applied as a screening test to identify those people who will subsequently benefit from follow-up examinations, e.g. imaging procedures such as MRI and PET/CT, to clarify suspicions of cancer and localize a potential tumor.

We are working to build a better future


Cancer Diagnostics

PSA/PSMA detection in macrophages for the detection of prostate carcinoma using EDIM® Technology.


Use of two proprietary antibodies to detect elevated stress levels with hope for early indication of burnout syndrome using EDIM® Technology.


A major advantage of EDIM® technology is that it provides contextual information. Specific antibodies can be used to detect the classic Alzheimer’s proteins such as beta-amyloid and tau protein. At the same time, the use of tissue-specific antibodies directed at brain cells provides information on whether the deposits are already leading to increased brain cell death long before the first symptoms appear.

Brain Tumors

Use of a specific antibody to detect for glioblastoma using EDIM® technology.


This is our approach


The development of tumors into a life-threatening disease usually happens over many years. For many patients, symptoms do not appear until the tumor grows invasively and spreads. The key is therefore to detect the tumors before the first symptoms appear. This is exactly where we come in.

Biotechnology made in Germany

Zyagnum AG

Zyagnum AG is a biotechnology company with the mission to detect serious diseases at the earliest possible stage and thus enable optimal treatment options. We have been working since 2007 to develop technologies that will enable us to achieve this goal. With the development of our EDIM® platform technology, we have taken a major step in the right direction.


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