Management Team

As a team with a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to usher in a new era of diagnostics by developing innovative approaches.

Founder & CEO

Ralf Schierl

Co-Founder Zyagnum 2007

As co-founder and CEO of Zyagnum AG, Ralf Schierl has been responsible for the overall development of the company since the first idea was conceived. With his many years of experience in the diagnostics industry, he brings the company’s visionary approaches and ideas to fruition.

Zyagnum AG – Executive Board

Founder Innova Labordiagnostik, merger with r-Biopharm


Hendrik Krämer

With Zyagnum since: 2017

As CFO, Hendrik Krämer is responsible for the business development of the company.

Zyagnum AG

PwC – Mergers & Acquisitions


Anette Ludwig

With Zyagnum since: 2020

As COO, Anette Ludwig is responsible for the operational day-to-day business of the company.

Zyagnum AG


Dr. Oliver Feyen

With Zyagnum since: 2008

Dr. Oliver Feyen is responsible for the research and development of Zyagnum AG as CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) and developer of the EDIM® technology. With his profound understanding and extraordinary ideas in immunology, he has been working on new benchmarks for diagnostics for years.

Zyagnum AG

Head of Laboratory of Department of Paediatric Oncology, Haematology and Immunology, Düsseldorf University Hospital; Head of Immunologic Diagnostic and Development biovis’ MVZ Labor


Founder & Consultant

Dr. Johannes Coy

As the discoverer of the genes TKTL1 and DNaseX, Dr. Johannes Coy is the origin of Zyagnum AG. The proteins produced by these genes and their flow cytometric detection in scavenger cells in the blood form the basis of Zyagnum AG’s early cancer detection test. Together with our CEO Ralf Schierl, he founded our company in 2007 and is still an important consultant for us today.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Maik Käbisch

Zyagnum AG – Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Founder and Managing Director COVADO GmbH