Validation EDIM blood test in Tübingen started

The EDIM test was established at the University of Tübingen under Prof. Handgretinger, Medical Director General Paediatrics, Haematology / Oncology Children’s hospital Tübingen. Since then, samples of patients with various tumors have been examined daily. It has been shown that the EDIM test has previously identified all tumors, regardless of the tumor entity, and is characterized by very good sensitivity and specificity. First data have already been presented or published at congresses.

  • Grimm, M.; Schmitt, S.; Teriete, P.; Biegner, T.; Stenzl, A.; Hennenlotter, J.; Muhs, H.J.; Munz, A.; Nadtotschi, T.; König, K.; et al.
    A biomarker based detection and characterization of carcinomas exploiting two fundamental biophysical mechanisms in mammalian cells. 
    BMC Cancer 2013, 13, 569. [PubMed]
  • press release University Hospital Tübingen