The innovative EDIM technology

EDIM technology is a “biological biopsy” for the determination of specific antigenes in immune cells. The use of the innate immune system allows an exceptional accuracy for diagnostics.


What is EDIM Technology

EDIM technology is a new diagnostic procedure which utilizes mechanisms of the immune system in order to achieve a high diagnostic accuracy. 

EDIM technology examines macrophages to detect antigens that have been phagocytosed by these immune cells previously – this is why we describe the technology as a biological biopsy. For this purpose, CD14 and CD16 surface antibodies are used, which bind specifically to the surface of the cells. The cells are then permeabilised briefly to induce further antibodies to enter the cells. These antibodies are directed against the antigens which are to be detected by the method. For example in the case of PanTum Detect, TKTL1 and Apo10 are inserted into the cells. The cell structures on the surface of cells can be recognised very efficiently in blood samples with dye-labelled antibodies and a subsequent detection of these dyes by means of laser beams using the method of flow cytometry. This makes it possible to recognise, count and further characterise macrophages in the blood. In this way, signals are also detected which are derived from bound antibodies in the cell interior. This makes it possible to detect what the phagocyte has detected and eliminated by phagocytosis. If for example in the case of a tumour disease there are tumour cells in the organism, the system detects signals from the dyes that are coupled to the TKTL1 and Apo10 antibodies.

Diverse applications in diagnostics

By exchanging disease-specific antigenes, we can develop new concepts for many more diagnostic solutions, using the same EDIM technology

Advantages of our tests


The EDIM technology uses the very effective principle of the immune system to recognise, enclose and digest unwanted cell structures.


The detection of antigens is concentrated directly in immune cells, no dilution effects as in the detection of antigens in a serum.


One of the biggest strengths of our test is the completely automated measurement and evaluation.

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