Study confirms influence of TKTL1 marker in general cell division

The enzyme transketolase-like-1 (TKTL1) is a decisive factor in general cell division. This is confirmed by a study published in the current issue of the renowned journal for multidisciplinary research, Nature Communications. Under the title “APC/CCDH1 synchronizes ribose-5-phosphate levels and DNA synthesis to cell cycle progression”, a team of researchers at Fudan University, Shanghai, publishes the results of their work on the marker that Zyagnum AG uses in its EDIM technology.

“The new study shows that the TKTL1 marker can be used in EDIM technology to establish a universal cancer test,” says Ralf Schierl, CEO of Zyagnum AG, commenting on the importance of the study results for his company. The researchers confirm that the enzyme TKTL1 plays a decisive role in malignant tumour cells. This means that it can also be found in the macrophages analysed by EDIM technology because these macrophages take up the enzyme with the degenerate cells. Using EDIM technology, TKTL1 can be detected in macrophages and thus provides specific indications of a possible tumour disease.